Together a Community

Design is optimistic and can overcome difficult challenges. Let's use this time to think creatively, act responsibly and prepare to overcome our challenges. 

As a community, together, we will design a better future. 

Be safe, kind and strong - be creative. 

Our thoughts are with many in our community who are experiencing uncertain and stressful times both personally and professionally. We will be working over the coming months to provide support and continuity of the Institute’s services and events where possible.

Our first measure is to offer our current members a 50% reduction in our annual subscription and no payment until July this year (member renewal period is 1st April 2020 to March 31st 2021).

Thanks to our loyal sponsors, the Institute will be able to continue to provide many of our events where this is possible.

Resene  -  AUT  /  Better by Design  /  BJ Ball Papers  /  Clendons Barristers & Solicitors  /  HP New Zealand  /  Logick Print  /  Massey University College of Creative Arts  /  Soar Print  -  Auckland Insurance  /  Autex  /  ECC Limited  /  Harrows  /  homestyle  /  Italian Stone  /  Jasmax  /  Schneider Electric  -  Fisher & Paykel Appliances  /  Tile Warehouse

We are planning to hold Best of the Best Designers Speak supported by Resene once there is a change to current Government restrictions.

We will also introduce two new programmes that will be presented online: Design for Positive Impact and Design in Business. As part of our DINZ Interviews we will be extending these to podcasts.

Once we can safely gather again as a community, we are planning to link-up on the same night across the country so we can all share time together nationally.

The Best Design Awards will go ahead for 2020. This is an important international showcase for our community and the outstanding work recognised by the awards. We are currently exploring a range of contingencies in the likely event that a new format is needed. We will be in touch in the coming weeks with more details.

We are here for all Designers in New Zealand. We encourage you to reach out to your industry friends and colleagues, support one another and help us break down the sense of uncertainty.  

DINZ Interviews

When the opportunity arises, DINZ interviews leading designers from here and overseas. These interviews seek to dig beneath the surface to address the common and uncommon challenges, problems and opportunities the design community faces.