New Zealand’s ever-growing design community becomes richer through connection, exploration and reflection. We aim to provide opportunities for our members to build strong networks both within and across disciplines; with industry leaders, experienced peers and the next generation studying design.

1116 Designers

As a professional body, our members are our most valuable asset. We support you by providing events, community initiatives, professional resources and more.

Member Benefits

Best Design Awards
Discounted entry.

Designers Speak
Discounted, and often free, tickets

Contract Agreements
As a Member you have access to use our very comprehensive documents suite - contract agreements for each discipline, non disclosure agreements and procurement documents.

Legal, Insurance and Business Support
As a Member you are entitled to free, limited legal consultation, business and accounting consultation and Insurance packages tailored for your business:

Clendons Barristers & Solicitors offer a complimentary phone consultation on legal issues. (Please contact to arrange a consultation).

QUOTE: Buster Caldwell DINZ 
Just want to extend a massive thank-you for the offering of legal advice for your design community. 
I have been liaising with James [DINZ Honorary Solcitor] today, and he has been nothing short of magnificent. It's incredible that this is a complimentary service, it really has made me appreciate the value of belonging to the community. 

Auckland Insurance are the Designers Institutes insurance brokers and will help you manage risk, and are happy to discuss your current policy.

The D.Card
Friends don’t let friends pay retail. Reap the benefits of friendship thanks to some of New Zealand’s best design companies.

See below for details on how your loyalty can be rewarded with a friendly discount.

The D. Cube
All members of The Designers Institute are recognised with a Green Cube, a symbol of belonging and a commitment to celebrating and advancing New Zealand design.

  • Every member receives a Green D. Cube.
  • Professional Members who have been peer reviewed and have earned the right to a White D. Cube.
  • Fellows not only have a Green and White but also receive a Black D. Cube for their contribution to DINZ

Receive a complimentary homestyle magazines Best Design Awards issue.

D. Card

One of the most appreciated DINZ membership benefits, is the D.Card, which provides you with a generous discount at some of New Zealand's best design companies.

Buy a few things (or even just one thing) from our friends below and your membership will have paid for itself.

  • Resene

    Designer Discount

    Enjoy designer discounts at all Resene owned ColorShops throughout New Zealand for you to use on your own home or bach. Discounts are available on quality Resene paints, wood stains, primers/sealers, wallpaper and decorating accessories. Present a valid D. Card to Resene ColorShop staff when you purchase (along with your photo ID). You can order free drawdown swatches by registering as an approved specifier on the Resene website. or you can go to to find the nearest store


  • ECC Limited

    10% Discount off RRP.

    ECC represents the world's leading lighting and furniture brands and brings these exclusively to New Zealand. We continually search the world for innovative designs and solutions to meet increasingly complex lighting and design requirements. Present your D. Card at our Auckland or Wellington showrooms. Some product exclusions apply.


  • Schneider Electric

    Priority Bookings and Private Viewing of the Vision Studio

    Bring your customers along and with the assistance of our expert Home Solutions Consultant, showcase and discuss Home Automation solutions alongside our wide range of switchgear offer to complement your design. Each visit will include a PDL by Schneider Electric Designer’s brochure to take home.

    PDL by Schneider Electric is New Zealand’s leading brand of electrical equipment and accessories. Since 1937, PDL has created ingenious electrical technology and solutions to power New Zealand homes and businesses.



  • Fisher & Paykel

    Designer Discount

    Contact Nick Thompson to purchase your personal Fisher & Paykel appliances or DCS Grills at attractively discounted D. Card holder rates. Quote your D. Card membership number and email Nick Thompson.


  • homestyle

    20% Discount on subscriptions

    homestyle shares modern ways to make a life at home - and that begins with the best in residential and spatial design. And through profiling up-and-coming artists, designers and creatives, homestyle publishes fresh and original editorial that inspires and an urban, design-minded reader. Contact Nick Burrowes.


  • Methven

    Designer Discount

    At Methven we are all about making water amazing. An exclusive designer discount is available on selected Methven products and discount vary depending on product. Contact Hamish Kofoed for more information.


  • Lumojo

    10% Discount

    This is honey. Made by Bees. Lumojo presents gourmet NZ honey in beautiful handcrafted stoneware. Email the DINZ office to verify your membership and recieve your discount code to enter in the discount section during checkout to receive 10% off your purchase.


  • Syrp

    Designer Discount

    Syrp’s here to help you make better films. We design tools for independent film makers to capture moving images that inspire, educate and move their audiences. We want to help all creative folk tell stories in beautiful captivating ways. So get in touch and let us know about your project. For more information on D.Card Members Discount contact Chris Thomson 


  • Tim Webber Design

    10% Discount

    Tim Webber Design studio has gained international exposure through for its furniture and accessories. Tim has also won the Design Folio Incubator award including a trip to Milan, and has been a finalist in the HOME NZ Awards and the Best Awards.


  • PLN Group

    10% Discount

    As one of the fastest-growing design research and innovation groups in New Zealand, PLN Group aims to make life through better through original thought and design. Research, design and innovation are used to create powerful, award-winning solutions that enhance products, spaces and life. Products are proudly New Zealand designed and made and are sold globally including the United States, Australia, China and Middle East.


  • Refold

    15% Discount

    Flexible, foldable, portable, affordable & 100% recyclable. Refold’s cardboard standing desks let you change how you work. Designed and made in Wellington, NZ. Email DINZ to verify your membership and receive a discount code. Enter the code during checkout to receive 15% off your purchase.


  • Designtree

    10% Discount

    At Designtree we're all about producing lighting and furniture of the highest quality which is designed to be loved for a long time.  We offer a 10% discount for D. Card holders on most of our products.


  • Goldsworthy

    10% Discount

    Nathan Goldsworthy designs furniture. He makes some of it too. The studio produces both commissioned and production pieces characterised by strong conceptual imagery and beautiful utility. Goldsworthy pieces are sold by selected stores and partners in New Zealand, Australia, Hong Kong and Singapore. Email the Goldsworthy studio for more information.


  • IMO

    15% Discount

    IMO are designers and manufacturers of world-class commercial and residential furniture. IMO offer a 15% Discount for D. Card holders. Some product exclusions apply.


  • Simon James Design

    10% Discount

    Simon James Design is a New Zealand based company committed to developing and manufacturing innovative contemporary furniture and lighting for both the residential and commercial market. Some product exclusions apply.


D. Curated

D.Curated is a collection of objects and furniture, selected by our friends David Moreland, Designtree, Everyday FurnitureIMO, PLN GroupSimon James, Think & Shift and Tim Webber, in a bespoke colourway and offered exclusively to D.Card holders. 

To hear about favourable prices. Please email for information on ordering from the collection. 

Product images using the Designers Institute of New Zealand green (PMS 355C) on the Designers Institute website may differ slightly from products ordered due to variations in production. 

  • David Moreland

    David Moreland

    Okewa Shelf $339.15 + GST & Awha Bookend $101.15 + GST

  • Designtree


    Frankie Pendant $380 + GST

  • Everyday Furniture

    Everyday Furniture

    One Step $200 + GST

  • IMO


    ABC Tray $90 + GST

  • PLN Group

    BIP Acoustic Pendant


  • PLN Group

    Hush Light


  • Simon James Design

    Simon James Design

    Pick Up Sticks Chair $1351 + GST (1.6m Fabric)

  • Think & Shift

    Think & Shift

    Cap Stool $200 + GST

  • Tim Webber

    Tim Webber

    Press Mirror $355 - $895 + GST

  • Tim Webber

    Tim Webber

    Apex Shelf $157.50 + GST

All members of The Designers Institute are recognised with a Green Cube, a symbol of belonging and a commitment to celebrating and advancing New Zealand design.

No matter where you are in your design career —student, recent graduate, educator or seasoned professional — there’s a membership level for you.


Since 1991, The Designers Institute has been a community of creative thinkers and doers. Each and every one of us cares deeply about design and its power to transform. It’s not just a thing we do, it’s a way of life, and we’re proud of it.

All members of The Designers Institute are recognised with a Green Cube, a symbol of belonging and a commitment to celebrating and advancing New Zealand design.

Any student participating in a fulltime design-related course, who’s not yet practising as a designer.

A newly-graduated practising designer. This applies for up to three years before you must upgrade to become a Member (DINZ).

Any designer practising in a design sector the Institute represents. A Member (DINZ) is eligible to apply for Professional (PDINZ) membership if they have been practising for a minimum of five years.


An existing Member (DINZ) who has gained up to five years experience as a practising designer and attained a high level of professional competency in their design sector. A Professional Peer Review must be carried out by a selected panel to acknowledge this Professional Membership (PDINZ). Contact or 09 529 1713 with any enquiries.


A select few individuals are awarded the title of Fellow. A Professional Member can be made a Fellow of The Designers Institute if they have given especially meritorious or distinguished service to the Institute or its predecessor societies or the design profession.

Join the Club

No matter where you are in your design career — student, recent graduate, educator or seasoned professional — there’s a membership level for you.

$0 p.a. GST Inc. New members pay $0 now, and renew on April 1. Returning members are required to pay the full year’s fee. New members pay $0 , then $ per month starting April 1. Returning members pay $0 , then $ per month starting April 1.

Renew your Membership

Enter your email address below, and we’ll send you an email with instructions on how to renew your membership.

Peer to Pair Mentorship Programme

At DINZ we’re about helping make connections to better our industry. We figure if we chat, discuss and share our collective knowledge we’ll help our design community thrive. That’s why we’re introducing our new mentorship programme and we’d love you to be a part of it.

Due to the number of candidates who have applied for Mentorship we have paused applications until we have met the requirements of those who have already applied.

The programme is open to all DINZ Members - we’ll pair you up with a Mentor who’s been carefully selected by our DINZ representatives. You will also generate new industry connections by being part of our creative community.

A mentorship is for anyone for any reason. What’s yours?

DINZ Student Members: 
Prepare yourself for employment in the best possible way.

  • Hone your portfolio
  • Understand how to prepare to be employable and work-ready
  • Help develop self-presentation skills to best represent you and your ambitions
  • Managing freelance work, from cash flow to client contracts
  • Find guidance that will help you grow personally and professionally
  • Keep motivated and inspired throughout the year

Recent Graduates:
Get fresh advice from industry peers

  • Advice on how to keep your career momentum going
  • Advice on what you could add to your skill set to enhance future employability
  • Managing freelance work, from cash flow to client contracts
  • Find guidance that will help you grow personally and professionally

Practicing Designers:

  • Find a sounding board for those everyday challenges
  • Advice if you’re wanting to grow your business
  • Advice around future thinking skills
  • Advice on DINZ professional services e.g. client contracts, insurance and financial business management

The programme aims to encourage professional development and community awareness as part of your role within our Institute.

Are you ready for a new phase in your successful career?

TOGETHER WE’RE BUILDING THE BEST DESIGN COMMUNITY IN THE WORLD - we’ll be stronger if we share our skills and knowledge with each other.

Member Discount 2020

Our thoughts are with many in our community who are experiencing uncertain and stressful times both personally and professionally through 2020 and Covid-19. We will be working over the coming months to provide support and continuity of the Institute’s services and events where possible.

One of the first measures the Designers Institute undertook was to change the membership renewal date from 1st April to 29th May for 2020.

Our current Members who pay will receive a 50% reduction to their our annual subscription.

Additionally to support 2020 Best entrants during the Covid-19 pandemic, the entry fee for Members who pay their member fees before 29th July will be eligible for a drop in price from $189 to $60 per entry that isn't picked up as a finalist.  

As a Member you will pay $60 per entry on submission. If your entry is a finalist, you'll receive an additional invoice for the balance prior to the awards night ($129 per finalist entry).

The usual $99 fee for tertiary and students will drop for 2020 to $30 per entry if that entry isn't picked up as a finalist.

If your student entry is picked up as a finalist, you'll receive an additional invoice that must be paid by 20th October ($69 per finalist entry).