The Student Council is here to bridge the gap between design students and industry.

Through twelve national representatives, free events and mentorship, we’re creating mutual conversations between young designers and professionals.

The core aim of the Student Council is to give students a voice within the industry. Our representatives have a direct line to the Designers Institute Board and key industry professionals. If you have something to say, we give it to you. Email us at .

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  • Paul Phanoulas
    Paul Phanoulas
  • Rob Lewis
    Rob Lewis
  • Haydn Jack
    Haydn Jack
  • Hannah Kelly
    Hannah Kelly
  • Caitlin MacEwan
    Caitlin MacEwan
    Massey University
  • Katie O'Neill
    Katie O'Neill
    Design & Arts College
  • Liam Ooi
    Liam Ooi
  • Jeanette Trewin
    Jeanette Trewin
    Victoria University
  • Alistair McCready
    Alistair McCready
  • Rebekah Wilmer-Proven
    Rebekah Wilmer-Proven
  • Bryson Naik
    Bryson Naik
  • Jacob Lapworth
    Jacob Lapworth
    Massey University
  • Jae Park
    Jae Park
  • Kenny Leung
    Kenny Leung
    Victoria University
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Previous Members

  • Hannah Kelly

  • Alistair McCready

  • Milly Scott

  • Sarah Allen

  • Brittnee Covich

  • Theo Faithfull

  • Alice Timings

  • Jason Richards

  • Valerie Poort

  • Angus Burrows

  • Aaron Troy


Every designer’s career journey contains valuable lessons for students looking to their own futures. Our Student Council interview leading New Zealand designers and gain valuable insights into how they got to where they are.