The Designers Institute of New Zealand exists to serve New Zealand’s design community and represent its interests to the wider world. Formed in 1991, we grew from the merger of the New Zealand Society of Industrial Designers (formed 1960), and the New Zealand Association of Interior Designers (formed 1968). Today, we represent a much broader range of disciplines: graphic design, interactive design, motion graphics, spatial design, product design, design in business, service design and design education.

Our Vision

Our Vision is that professional designers are valued and rewarded for the contribution they make to the economic, cultural and social growth of New Zealand.

To do this we have a number of goals:

  • Bring the different design disciplines together under a united front
  • Improve the standards of professional service
  • Increase demand for design excellence
  • Increase the profile of design
  • Encourage the development of professional skills within the membership

The Board

The Designers Institute Board is made up of members from each of the industry’s design sectors. Each sector’s board representation is relative to what proportion of the total membership that sector represents. The board directs the affairs of the Designers Institute, determines policy and controls the organisation’s monies and finances.

  • Cathy Veninga FDINZ
    Cathy Veninga FDINZ
  • Vee Kessner FDINZ
    Vee Kessner FDINZ
  • Ed Burak PDINZ
    Ed Burak PDINZ
    Vice President; Design in Business
  • Toni Brandso PDINZ
    Toni Brandso PDINZ
  • Chris Stevens PDINZ
    Chris Stevens PDINZ
  • Rufus Knight PDINZ
    Rufus Knight PDINZ
  • Richard Furze PDINZ
    Richard Furze PDINZ
  • John Shepherd PDINZ
    John Shepherd PDINZ
  • Stephen McCarthy PDINZ
    Stephen McCarthy PDINZ
  • Jarred Bishop PDINZ
    Jarred Bishop PDINZ
  • Mike Williams PDINZ
    Mike Williams PDINZ
  • Martin Sawbridge PDINZ
    Martin Sawbridge PDINZ
    Service Design
  • Kim Meek PDINZ
    Kim Meek PDINZ