Material Creative - Liv Harper & Toni Brandso

As a student or graduate you don't always get the opportunity to talk with designers you admire let alone get the chance to ask them questions about their studio and projects.

In this D.Cast AUT spatial graduate, Xuanyang Sun, or Sun as he prefers to be called, gets just that chance with Material Creative.

Liv and Toni...somewhere exotic

Sun talks to Liv Harper and Toni  Brandso from Material Creative and gives us a glimpse into their creative journey, some advice to future designers as well as sharing insights into their award-winning projects. 

Sun, in year two at AUT, and part of the DINZ Student Council who ran a Folio Night at Material Creative. Sun was on the DINZ Student Council 2018.

DINZ Interviews

When the opportunity arises, DINZ interviews leading designers from here and overseas. These interviews seek to dig beneath the surface to address the common and uncommon challenges, problems and opportunities the design community faces.