Fixed furniture for flexible working – a Harrows Case Study

The stunning open plan workplace that is ITM’s Head Office embraces built in banquette seating to create a flexible working space that brings the team together into a unified work zone.

This Stack Interiors project was awarded a Silver Pin for Offices and Workplace Environments at the Best Awards 2020, and it’s easy to see why. The design team has delivered a space that reflects the company culture and values, and makes exceptional use of local products, materials and suppliers.

Creative Director David Plaidstowe says “the spatial design provided for sight-lines from one end of the office to the other. There are no blockages or concealed zones, allowing for more fluid interaction across the whole support office.”

The design features Harrows banquette seating in different ways that assist with spatial definition and creating flexible work spaces. In the first instance, the banquette seating is integrated into the rear of the reception feature wall. Creating an alcove with the banquette this way creates a feeling of privacy, while still having a sense of belonging and connectivity to the wider open plan space.

Banquettes have also been used in the open plan layouts, installed to be freestanding and without walls. The banquettes act to divide the space, channel foot traffic and create breakout pockets without compromising on the visual sight lines. Arranged with planters and higher benches, these configurations provide for all working styles and functions, making the spaces exceptionally flexible.

With a focus on local, Stack chose Harrows to manufacture and install the banquette seating for this project. Harrows’ method of offsite design and manufacture, supply completed modules to fit in with the project installation schedule and deadlines made it even easier to include such custom banquette designs in the fitout.

Designer & Photography: Stack Interiors
Client: ITM

Harrows are valued Best Design Awards 2020 partners

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