DINZ Student Council d.Cast - Jungie Choi

In this episode of the Designers Institute of New Zealand Student Council d.Cast, Jungie Choi takes us through the design journey and process that led up to the Best Design Awards 2019 Student Graphics Gold Pin winning project, Han.

Through the d.Cast, AUT students, Kai Concepcion DINZ and Harry Davis DINZ, have a conversation with AUT graduate, Jungie Choi, about student life, her creative journey from being a student to a working professional.

Jungie sheds light on the challenges she has faced and significant turning points that narrated her design journey.

Opening up about the importance of minority voices not only to rejoice the positives of their culture but also exposing the “negative” ideologies in a culture through design to spark conversations.

Sharing insightful advice and experience to young emerging designers.

DINZ Interviews

When the opportunity arises, DINZ interviews leading designers from here and overseas. These interviews seek to dig beneath the surface to address the common and uncommon challenges, problems and opportunities the design community faces.