Design of the StartUp Product - Video - Hello Cup

The Design of the Startup series was videoed and provides a unique first-hand account from New Zealand design companies and their experiences working with StartUps.

In the quest to define value, designers and StartUps often find themselves asking the same question: What problem are we solving?

This shared understanding makes sense – design thinking and doing are actually baked into the DNA of StartUps.

VIDEO with presentation follows:

A Bloody Good Idea
Robyn McLean & Mary Bond
Hello Cup

Mary Bond & Robyn McLean

Mary and Robyn are childhood friends who decided to start a company that would lower the current, estimated 12 billion kilos of period pads and tampons that end up in landfills every year. In this video the pair discuss some of the journey that has led them to over 200,000 cups sold and how design has helped with that processes. They spoke about their attempts at reaching a huge variety of users, some of the packaging successes and failures, and about the importance of creating a New Zealand based company with international aspirations .

Thank you to Warren & Mahoney for the venue 

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