Design for Positive Impact - Richard Shirtcliffe

In this episode, Oliver McDermott, PDINZ, talks to Brand Guy, Richard Shirtcliffe, about building disruptive ‘triple bottom line’ consumer lifestyle brands, finding unmet needs, and outside the box thinking.

Richard is the Co-CEO of Noho, a direct to consumer furniture brand making beautiful dynamic furniture from waste plastic and sustainable materials. 

Noho, based in Colorado, has just launched its first product, the extraordinary Noho move chair. Created in New Zealand by sister company Formway, it is made from up-cycled waste plastic like discarded fishing nets and end-of-life carpet and is designed to bring dynamic ergonomic comfort into the family home.

Prior to Noho, Richard was CEO of Coffee Supreme International, and Tuatara Brewing before that. Over his career he has been involved with several successful growth NZ companies, such as Phil&Teds, Mountain Buggy, Prorack, Ice Breaker and Method Recycling to name a few.

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