Design for Positive Impact - Jack Candlish

When you think of Surfing, you think of fresh salty air, blue water, big waves crashing on the beach, sunshine, and nature … But if you look a bit closer at your average modern-day surfboard, it’s far from natural.

Jack Candlish, Organic Dynamic 

Over 80% of surfboards are made from polyurethane foam, fibreglass and polyester resin.

They’re cheap to make at scale, but they are not quite the innocent wooden planks of old times.

In this episode, Oliver McDermott PDINZ, DINZ board member & director Blender, talks to Jack Candlish, industrial designer and founder of Organic Dynamic: A Wellington-based company on a mission to make the world’s most sustainable surfboards.

Oliver McDermott PDINZ, DINZ board member & director Blender,

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