Outside In | No Borders - Michael Tam

Outside In | No Borders is a D.Cast series where we explore the lives, perspectives, and reflections of a diverse range of New Zealand designers who live and work overseas.

In this instalment of Outside in | No Borders, Brendan Jarvis PDINZ, the Managing Founder of The Space InBetween speaks to Michael Tam.

Michael is a Global Design Director of IBM iX, the global experience design partner that sits within IBM’s consulting business.

At IBM iX, Michael articulates, facilitates and validates design for enterprise clients, so that they continue to believe in the business value that human-centred design delivers.

Outside of his busy day-job, Michael is one of the top five global mentors on ADPList, investing over 8,000 minutes in offering over 150 designers invaluable career advice. 

His contribution was recognised by the founders of ADPList in 2020 and Michael now serves on their advisory board, acting as the spokesperson to external stakeholders in their mission to democratise mentorships.

Michael is also a member of the InVision Design Leadership Forum, an advisory board member of VR-ARA Hong Kong, and a course instructor and education designer at H Academy.

Starting his career in New Zealand in 2004 as a freelance brand consultant and integrated creative. Michael worked for startups, SMEs, and agencies - including BCG2 and Ogilvy - before moving to Hong Kong in 2010, where he still resides.

A self-described optimist, Michael believes everyone can be creative and that together we can design a better future.

Listen below to hear more about Michael's journey and how he got to where he is today.
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