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Outside In | No Borders is a D.Cast series where we explore the lives, perspectives, and reflections of a diverse range of New Zealand designers who live and work overseas.

In this instalment of Outside in | No Borders, Brendan Jarvis PDINZ, the Managing Founder of The Space InBetween speaks to Scott Mackie.

Scott is the Head of Product Design at Indigo, a Boston-based startup that’s building digital systems for the agricultural supply chain that incentivise regenerative farming.

At Indigo, Scott leads the design team that’s helping the company to tackle climate change in innovative ways, including through carbon sequestration.

Scott graduated from the University of Canterbury in 2000, with an honours degree in mechanical engineering.
Soon after, he made his way to Fisher & Paykel Healthcare, where he worked as a product development engineer, contributing to the design of the Optiflow, MR880 and Aviro systems.  

And then, 20 years ago, in 2003, Scott set off on his great OE and, well, he’s still on it.
Since leaving New Zealand, Scott has walked many interesting paths. 

In the UK, where he first landed, amongst other things, he worked as a consulting engineer at Cambridge Design Partnership, he received a Master of Philosophy in Technology Policy from the University of Cambridge, he consulted to The Royal Society - the oldest scientific academy in existence - and he even co-founded a wearable sensing company that successfully launched a continuous temperature monitor to support ovulation detection and conception.

At some point in 2007 he was hired by the iconic design firm IDEO, to work in Boston as a project leader. Over the 6 years that followed, Scott was promoted to Client Relationship Lead and Health Practice Member, and finally to Design Community Lead and Portfolio Director.

Since leaving IDEO, and before joining Indigo, Scott has been the Head of Experience Design at Quanttus (not the Australia airline!) and the Chief Experience Officer, VP of Design at Athena Health, where he led a team of over 90 experience designers.

As an engineer, a designer, a manager and an entrepreneur, Scott undoubtedly brings a unique blend of perspectives to the business problems he contends with.

In this episode...
- Why IDEO hired him
- How he helps his team to translate design
- His secrets for building great design teams
- The importance of designers developing business skills
- What helps non-designers to see the value of design

Plus much more!

Listen below to hear more about Scott's journey and how he got to where he is today.
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