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Outside In | No Borders is a D.Cast series where we explore the lives, perspectives, and reflections of a diverse range of New Zealand designers who live and work overseas.

Comments from Sophie Hamer:

In this instalment of Outside in | No Borders, Brendan Jarvis PDINZ, the Managing Founder of The Space InBetween speaks to Sophie Hamer.

Sophie is the founder and director of Sophie Hamer Architecture and, as you’ve probably guessed by now, she’s also an architect.

Through her practice, Sophie works on projects in natural environments and cities, crafting spaces with a sense of stillness and connection to the surrounding landscape.

Before moving to Switzerland in 2019, Sophie spent a formative five years at Fearon Hay Architects in Auckland, where she worked as a team leader and project architect.

During her time there, Sophie’s work was recognised with two Gold Pins at the 2018 Best Awards and under her own banner she won Silver at last year’s awards.

Sophie is also the founder of Portico, a personal project that she started in 2015 to provide open and accessible resources, inspiration and support for high school students interested in studying architecture, as well as current architecture students and early career professionals.

Since it launched, the site has grown rapidly and it now attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors every year. 

Portico’s positive impact has been recognised at home, with Sophie awarded the New Zealand Institute of Architects Presidents Medal. And also abroad, with invitations to speak at events all over the world.

Listen below to hear more about Sophie's journey and how she got to where she is today.
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