Outside In | No Borders - Thea Betts

Outside In | No Borders is a D.Cast series where we explore the lives, perspectives, and reflections of a diverse range of New Zealand designers who live and work overseas.

In this instalment of Outside in | No Borders, Brendan Jarvis PDINZ, the Managing Founder of The Space InBetween speaks to Thea Betts

Since February of 2022, Thea has been the lead product designer for Stellar Elements.

Stellar Elements (previosuly known as Roam Digital) is one of New Zealand’s leading full-service digital consultancies.

At Stellar, Thea tackles business problems using design, working closely with engineers, other designers, product managers and client teams to deliver and evolve digital products.

Back to the beginning, Thea started her design career at Alphero in Wellington, working there as an intern while studying and then joining them full-time after completing her degree.

After 9 months, she relocated to Auckland, where she would work on award winning projects for VTNZ and Genesis Energy, amongst others. 

Outside of work, Thea is a design mentor on ADPList, where she helps up-and-coming designers to make sense of what can be a curly profession at times.

A design leader on the rise, In 2021 Thea was selected to be a delegate of Google’s RARE Leadership Academy and just last year she graduated from the Echos Design Leadership course.

In this episode...
- What are Asia’s “super apps”?
- How well have her design sensibilities travelled?
- How can we improve the work place for future designers?
- Who has been influential in the trajectory of her career?
- How confident is she that AI won’t displace visual designers?

Plus much more!

Listen below to hear more about Thea's journey and how she got to where she is today.
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