D.Cast: Good Yarns with Bremworth – Oli Booth

In the Good Yarns with Bremworth D.Cast series, we will speak with local architects and designers to learn more about their approach to their mahi, them as people, and gain insights into the considerations behind their design choices. . 

Good Yarns with Bremworth – Oli Booth

In this instalment of Good Yarns with Bremworth, we catch up with the extremely talented Oli Booth. We get insights into his creative process, the materials he likes to work with and touch on what considerations architects and designers should bring into their practices on the back of cyclone Gabrielle.

"I was fortunate to grow up with a wider family who encouraged creativity from a young age. I spent hours and hours with my cousins creating worlds and environments. We were so lucky to have an eccentric collection of aunties and grandparents who each excelled in their own crafts, from music, to woodwork or art". 

So I think the exposure to this and combination of these skills inevitably led us all towards creating worlds of our own. The best way for me to express this was through creating homes for the characters and objects in our life. We were fascinated by how these inanimate figurines might live their lives so we built worlds around them from timber, fabric and stone. 

As time went by the scale changed, as my cousin and I dreamed up ways to construct cabins on remote Banks Peninsula islands to live a life of so-called solitude. Ironically my cousin became a builder, so the dream may still be within reach."

After completing his Masters in Architecture from Victoria University, Oli spent time working on building sites so he could bridge his knowledge between architectural design and building construction.  

Oli established his own practice, Oli Booth Architecture (OB A), 8 years ago and works alongside his life partner, Libby Elmore, to create meaningful design solutions that are crafted carefully in response to each of their client's needs. Oli’s purpose behind OB A is that it exists to elevate the human experience through harnessed narrative and amplified beauty. This ambition is grounded in an intentional design practice that utilises storytelling and pays homage to the beauty found in detail, quality and environment.

"Our process starts with the understanding of context - which is the site + environment and behaviours being people + their routines.

The combination of these two elements create moments, which become embedded throughout a space and ultimately inform the architectural response.

This understanding of context and behaviours is hugely important to us as it creates a platform for connection — This connection allows a bond between the people, space and landscape which is deeply personal and tailored to their lifestyles".

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