D.Cast – Good Yarns with Bremworth – at.space

In the Good Yarns with Bremworth D.Cast series, we will speak with local architects and designers to learn more about their approach to their mahi, them as people, and gain insights into the considerations behind their design choices. . 

In this episode of Good Yarns with Bremworth, we chat with the collective force that is Alex McLeod DINZ and Tomi Williams DINZ, founders of at.space. We unpack their journey of coming together, their people-centric approach to design and their experience with furniture design.

Pictured: Alex McLeod DINZ (Left), Tomi Williams DINZ (Right)

Alex & Tomi have been working alongside each other as friends and colleagues for 8 years, they have realised the greatness of two minds over one, when creating beautiful spaces that work and matter for their clients. Their experience designing interior spaces for large scale renovations, new builds and commercial spaces spans over 20 years.

Combining forces was an opportunity for them to grow and continue to provide well considered and debated design solutions. Or simply put; more depth, more capacity, more creativity and double the passion, for every project they touch.

Pictured: Textile Centre, at.space

Pictured: Mood board for Disraeli St project

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