Building Capability: Reputation and Notoriety

The Business of Design D.Cast is a discussion about running a design business or design in a business.

We’re looking at a range of subjects but covering a single theme for each episode. We’re looking for insights, experience and anecdotes to share with the audience and we’ve prepared the questions below as thought/discussion starters.

But it’s less an interview and more a discussion. 

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Reputation and Notoriety

This D.Cast is about Reputation and Notoriety – Awards and recognition, portfolios and case studies, clients and sales... it’s all a bit chicken and egg, without the portfolio you can’t win work and without work, you can’t write your case studies.

To help us with these conundrums and share their experiences are two accomplished creative business owners who will be joining us on this episode.

Concepts Explored:
- New business and sales
- Self-promotion and spec work
- Awards and recognition
- Portfolio
- Client strategy

Did you start your studio with a foundational client? What was the motivation to set up?

How do you find clients and new work? Or alternatively, how do they find you?

Do you run a programme for new business or use any CRM tools?

Do you have a client strategy? Do you specifically target for a mix or follow your nose?

How much time and effort do you put into self promotion? 

It’s more common in advertising but do you ever do spec work for awards?

Awards. What are they good for?

What awards do you enter?

Has being a convenor for Best changed what and how you enter?

Case studies, are they ever up to date? How do you present your portfolio? What’s your thoughts on personal portfolios and use of studio work?

Introducing Our Panel:

Pictured: Ryan Marx (left), Fraser Callaway (right)

Ryan Marx PDINZ, Marx Design
Ryan Marx. No relation to history’s famous Marx’s, however if you combine the irreverence of Groucho, the deep thinking of Karl and the timeless hair of Richard there’s a strange connection.

As our owner, design leader and creative director, his role is to push the studio towards greatness and keep the imagination flowing. Ryan is internationally renowned for his conceptual thinking and design craftsmanship, which means global briefs, a clutch of design awards and people wanting to pick his brain.

In his down time Ryan is probably still thinking about font kerning and the Pushpin manifesto. However, his true relaxing place is where family time, fishing and beer meet in a beautiful symbiotic union.

Fraser Callaway, Strategy Creative
Fraser is a firm believer that design is a catalyst for positive change. His work has been recognised in New Zealand and abroad, winning two international Red Dot Design Awards and Gold at the New Zealand Best Awards, speaking at the first TEDxWellington event and launching a company, Refold, with a highly successful and oversubscribed Kickstarter campaign.

Prior to his entry into the creative industry, Fraser pursued a career in professional golf. Through that experience he broadened his people skills, perseverance and mental toughness, which together make him an exceptionally well-rounded leader (and a formidable opponent on the green).

A series brought to you by Gideon Keith FDINZ, Seven, DINZ board member (left) and Ryan Ward PDINZ, Archant, DINZ board member (right)

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