Building Capability: Optimising

The Business of Design D.Cast is a discussion about running a design business or design in a business.

We’re looking at a range of subjects but covering a single theme for each episode. We’re looking for insights, experience and anecdotes to share with the audience and we’ve prepared the questions below as thought/discussion starters.

But it’s less an interview and more a discussion. 


In this D.Cast we’re going to discuss optimisation… so you’ve set up, you’ve hired the dream team, sorted your legal entities, dealt with the finance, self-promotion is in hand so what’s next?

Growth – whatever that means to you – is about optimising your business.

On this D.Cast we’ve got two guests well versed in this topic…

Concepts Explored:
- People, place and resources
- Building for scale
- Maximising revenue and profit
- Client growth strategies
- Governance and advisory
- Maintaining quality at scale

The key elements for optimising would be People, Place and Resources?  

What does optimisation in business mean for you? Is it scale, revenue, profit, recognition? Am I missing anything? 

Let’s talk about building for scale, what are some of the considerations to define the ideal scale?

What are some strategies for building revenue? And what does this mean for profit? 

Client growth from both a farming and hunting perspective is key, what are the different approaches for each?

Getting informal advice from other business owners is important but what role does governance and advisory play?

If you get bigger, can this impact quality, culture, etc? How do you mitigate this?

Introducing Our Panel

Pictured: Catriona Knapp (left), Duncan Shand (right)

Catriona Knapp HonDINZ, McQueen and Associates
Catriona is a director of McQueen and Associates, a chartered accountancy practice based in Parnell and has been in practice for twenty five years, initially working for larger CA firms prior to forming her own practice in 2011.  She has been the Treasurer of the Designers Institute for more than twelve years and has several clients from the design industry.  Catriona is passionate about helping businesses become more profitable and grow to their full potential. 

Duncan Shand FDINZ, YoungShand
Is the Managing Director of YoungShand. For the last twelve years, he has worked to grow YoungShand into one of New Zealand's leading independent agencies. Duncan studied Accounting and Management at University, moved into Marketing when he realised that’s where the fun was, and then moved agency side fifteen years ago. Duncan has also judged the Value of Design award at the Best Awards for the last five years. So more than qualified for the conversation we are going to have this session...

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