Blurring the lines between home & work - Abbie Ross

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Blurring the Lines 

We live in a time of hyper connectivity where digital mobility is making it difficult to separate personal life from work life. The impact of Covid-19 and the blanketed ‘working from home’ scenario, has revealed and elevated many challenges that have been simmering in the background for some time.

What will we take away from this ‘real life experiment’, and how can we expect our social environments to support and adapt to any behavioural changes as we move forward

Abbie Ross, Harrows and Best Design Awards partner

Andy Florkowski PDINZ (president of the Designers Institute & associate director RCG) talks to Abbie Ross, Harrows, & Best Design Awards partner and Toni Brandso PDINZ (immediate past board member of the Designers Institute & director, Material Creative) about instant response culture, home offices, ‘resi-mercial’ and what role social spaces will take on as we return to the workplace.

Toni Brandso, PDINZ, immediate past board member of the Designers Institute & director of Material Creative

Andy Florkowski PDINZ, president of the Designers Institute & associate director RCG

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