Best of the Best Designers Speak® - Video - Springload

The Best Design Awards are a major feature of the local design calendar and some of last year's winners have toured the country to offer first-hand insights into their projects. 

The 2021 series was recorded on video. Here is one from the series of twenty recorded.

Klim Type Foundry 
Dan Newman PDINZ & Zak Brown

Scribes for the digital era Dan Newman and Zak Brown delved deep into the graphic influences, technicalities and many challenges of putting together a highly functional and user-friendly, digital type foundry.

From stunning, vintage posters through to mind-bending code, Dan and Zak lifted the bonnet on a font-sales website with a lot of functionality and flair. 

The years’ long project saw their company work through several iterations and a myriad of glitches to arrive at both desktop and mobile-friendly foundry.

Dan Newman PDINZ & Zak Brown

Thanks Designworks for the pre-drinks venue

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