Best of the Best Designers Speak® 2024 - AKL3 - Video - LIKEMINDS

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Damian Alexander & Noel Blackwell, FDINZ, LIKEMINDS

Waiata Anthems
Building on the success of the 2019 album, LIKEMINDS were asked to reposition Waiata Anthems as a true movement for a bilingual musical landscape in Aotearoa. The path was clear – collaboratively create a Tohu (mark) and identity to match the hope and momentum of the movement. To expertly progress the tohu LIKEMINDS sought the help of their creative partners and friends Karl Johnstone and Joe Pihema from Haumi for their inspiration and insight.
“Saluting these legends of te reo Māori, the Waiata Anthems movement provides greater access to the language and culture for all… acting as a springboard for more Māori music to be heard across our airwaves.”

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