Best of the Best Designers Speak® 2023 - AKL1 - Video - Designworks & Stuff

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Jef Wong FDINZ & Mike Pepper DINZ, Designworks & Sinead Boucher, Stuff 

Stuff needed a new positioning and identity to help illustrate and amplify their new direction – becoming more fearless, more imaginative and more human in every way.
Led by the idea of ‘follow no one’, and inspired by the creative drivers of Tūkaha (bold), Pōtiki (spirited), and Tiakitanga (for the People), Designworks developed a new brand that carves its own path to a contemporary future, while cherishing the past.
Putting the positive truths of traditional journalism at heart, while bringing them into a colourful, characterful and dynamic future – and always with purpose.

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