Best of the Best Designers Speak® 2023 - AKL4 - Video - Kyani, Sisi, Jordan

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Kyani Utia DINZ, Sisi Panikoula DINZ & Jordan Tane DINZ - AUT

What makes me Plastic?
The negative term ‘plastic’ has come about mostly from young Māori and Pasifika who do not feel worthy, and this has led to even more young Māori and Pasifika being reluctant to identify with their culture. When the AUT students executed a questionnaire with over 200 young Māori and Pasifika, it was found that 68% of respondents felt they were ‘plastic’ which led them to believe that if their communities are to ever fix this divide within each culture, that the attitude and perspective of people needs to change. They found it difficult articulating the project in a way where others were able to understand it. This lack of understanding was a pivotal part of the development of their project which fundamentally led them to change from an educational tool to a confrontative campaign. ‘What makes me Plastic’ is bold and self-reflective. It acts as both a question and a statement.

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