Best of the Best Designers Speak® 2023 - AKL4 - Video - Bella Martin

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Bella Martin DINZ - AUT

Ngā Mau Rākau o Atua Wāhine
Ngā Mau Rākau o Atua Wāhine serves to uplift Māori means of communication; oral history, pūrakau (narratives), whakairo (carving), and mau rākau (weaponry). What started as an exploration of the decolonised quickly became the re-Indigenising of design communication - the recentering of Māori methods. These pieces, designed to be CNC routed (a form of digital carving), showcase the pūrākau of the atua Mahuika, Hinenuitepō and Hineteiwaiwa. The taiaha, tewhatewha and pouwhenua designed for this project are weapons both physically and metaphorically. They are  a thoughtful and well realised project exploring how our stories can live and be expanded using the technologies and skills we now have access to.

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