Best of the Best Designers Speak® 2023 - AKL4 - Video - GHD Design & Studio Pasifika

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Colette McCartney DINZ - GHD Design &
Carin Wilson - Studio Pasifika

Whangārei Māori Land Court
The Whangārei Māori Land Court is one of nine regional courtrooms of its kind throughout Aotearoa. The Ministry of Justice emphasised its desire for a place that would feel welcoming and calm while also respecting the cultural importance of the Court. The care taken in this design process is evident, creating a courthouse within an existing building that speaks to the whakapapa of tangata whenua of the rohe of Whangarei. Mahi toi design elements are successfully integrated in contemporary form, alongside traditional carving resulting in an uplifting space that reflects the Mana of the Court.

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