Best of the Best Designers Speak® 2023 - AKL3 - Video - Lucy Grunfeld

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Lucy Grunfeld - Massey University College of Creative Arts

Comfi – A Postoperative Bra for Breast Cancer Rehabilitation
Comfi is a postoperative bra designed to offer improved aftercare by prioritising comfort and a positive experience. Comfi reduces unnecessary trauma by accommodating each breast separately, with adjustable compression inserts targeted only to required areas.

In 2016, my godmother had a breast cancer procedure. The area she found most challenging to deal with throughout her entire breast cancer journey was recovery. In particular, wearing her “ugly and uncomfortable” postoperative bra for a year after her procedure made her feel “terrible”.

Although one in nine women have breast cancer removal procedures, current rehabilitation products remain overlooked and outdated, with designs that aren’t adaptable to patients’ changing needs and unable to help them manage the long-term side effects of their treatment. This design aims to improve quality of life and promote positive health outcomes.

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