Baptism by Fire - James McNab

In this episode of the Designers Institute of New Zealand D.Cast Will Cook, DINZ - Junior Industrial Designer at Formworks Design sits down with James McNab, PDINZ - Director of Think + Shift.

James discusses his journey to becoming the acclaimed designer he is today. James’s story is an inspiring one, full of honesty and insight.

James McNab PDINZ

James started Think + Shift in 2014 and six years later runs an established and award winning multidisciplinary studio in Auckland, delivering creative strategy and execution in the fields of Architecture, Interiors and Design.

Working with high profile clients such as: Les Mills International, AS Colour, Universal Music and I Love Ugly. 

He started by studying Design Innovation at Victoria University in Wellington and due to graduating during the GFC James found jobs hard to come by. 

So alongside his two mates from uni he moved to Tauranga and started his own studio. James opens up about some of the unprecedented challenges he faced from there till now and offers some advice for anyone who is just starting out on how to avoid some of these difficulties. 

Will Cook DINZ

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