A Space to Echo the Language

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He Wāhi Pāoro O Te Reo Māori
A Space to Echo the Language

Associate Director at RCG, Andy Florkowski, PDINZ  catches up to talk about the new workplace for Te Taura Whiri I Te Reo Māori with Jodie Mickleson, Milliken-Ontera and Anton Agnew, Autex Acoustics.

The new space is entirely informed by Tukutuku.
The structural qualities of Tukutuku are used as a framework to influence Hui configurations, whilst its adorning characteristics are used to decoratively dress the walls.

An aspirational and descriptive concept like this, required practical yet innovative input from the wider design community.

To ensure the concept was authentically implemented, bespoke solutions were developed alongside Autex Acoustics and Milliken-Ontera.

Whakairo was also integrated in collaboration with local artists such as Nate Te Rei.

The end result is one which is true to its intentions, and is a truly captivating space.

Milliken-Ontera custom carpet tiles.

Autex custom panelling.

Artist Nate Te Rei

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