Upcoming Events — 2021

A masterclass series in design led business management.

1. Foundation of a Business
3. People
4. Creative and Outputs

(will be scaled to meet Covid Levels...as D.Casts; live online and in person events)

The Foundation of Business

- why Design Process is important to your business.

The  first will be a D.Cast.

Historically Foodstuffs have not held and maintained a ‘Format System’ and development of new stores and refurbishments have been quote adhoc with new stores taking on different floor area sizes and varying architecture.

Whilst there has been a system for controlling on brand fixtures and fittings, they have not been documented well to allow them to be accessible for stores and repeatable.

We are going to share some insights into how we have changed this by moving to a controlled Format pack and team that leads this and the journey to changing the culture of the business to use standards layouts and fixtures.

Some questions that will be covered in the D.Cast:

1. How does the design process work at Foodstuffs? Pre Scope, Store Walk,  Scope, Scope Lockdown, Concept, Concept Lockdown. Prelim

2.  What are the key data points that Foodstuffs use at these stages? Sales data Customer insights Store visual and operator input Specialist input from support centre

3.  How does Foodstuffs make sure this process is followed for every project?

4. Who are the key people involved in this process?

5. How do Foodstuffs control Standards?