Magic Carpet

At Syrp, they are all about helping film makers tell amazing stories through better films. Telling stories through film is a key part of sharing journeys, understanding diversity, and spreading life's amusements.

Syrp's passion lies with the films their products help make, and their goal is to design products that barely exist. They have a user experience that is simple and rewarding but never distracts from the creative workflow of the film maker.

The Magic Carpet is all about getting that perfectly smooth tracking shot. Giving a sense of depth to your scene. They wanted to do this in the least intrusive way as possible. The product needed to fit into a creative and very flexible workflow being used in the studio, on location, and in the middle of nowhere.

It's a simple, elegant, and durable slider for producing silky smooth, professional tracking movements. It is designed and engineered with the film-maker in mind and is the perfect lightweight solution for manual tracking shots anywhere you need them.

Syrp went with a completely tool less set-up, quick release adjustable legs, a counter weight roller for vertical shots, and high precision ball bearing rollers, the Magic Carpet is ready for quick set-up and precision film-making. It's motion control ready and includes everything you need to quickly add full robotic motion control to your tracking moves.

The magic carpet was designed for independent film makers looking for a portable simple to use system to get tracking shots. It sets the new benchmark in performance and usability for independent film-making tools, and at a price point that bridges the gap between enthusiast and pro.

Less tools more film making.

—Andrea Stevens