The Student Council is here to bridge the gap between design students and industry.

Through twelve national representatives, free events and mentorship, we’re creating mutual conversations between young designers and professionals.

The core aim of the Student Council is to give students a voice within the industry. Our representatives have a direct line to the Designers Institute Board and key industry professionals. If you have something to say, we give it to you. Email us at .

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  • Alistair Kincaid (Motion)
    Alistair Kincaid (Motion)
    Media Design School
  • Rose Norgrove (Interactive)
    Rose Norgrove (Interactive)
    Media Design School
  • Michael Wingham (Interiors)
    Michael Wingham (Interiors)
  • Joel Cooper (Product)
    Joel Cooper (Product)
  • Clara Gan (Product)
    Clara Gan (Product)
  • Max Quinn-Tapara (Visual Communication)
    Max Quinn-Tapara (Visual Communication)
  • Bella Martin (Graphics)
    Bella Martin (Graphics)
  • Harry Davis (Graphics)
    Harry Davis (Graphics)
  • Sabelle Bibal (Graphics)
    Sabelle Bibal (Graphics)
  • Kai Concepcion (Graphics)
    Kai Concepcion (Graphics)
  • Jordan Williams (Product)
    Jordan Williams (Product)
  • Claudia Rist (Product)
    Claudia Rist (Product)
  • Tim Howe (Product)
    Tim Howe (Product)
  • Heath Johnson (Product)
    Heath Johnson (Product)
  • Nitya Handa (Graphics)
    Nitya Handa (Graphics)
  • Charmaine Shuter (Graphics)
    Charmaine Shuter (Graphics)
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Previous Members

  • Adam Jenkinson

  • Amy Hur

  • Angeline Tulilo-Siilata

  • Chris Bentley

  • Tamsyn Black

  • Matthew Smith

  • Nathan Walker

  • Jake Clayton

  • Lauren Gibbs

  • Shona Macleod

  • Xuanyang Sun

  • Will Cook

  • Nick Lew

  • Evandah Steadman

  • Richard Roach

  • Jewel Yan

  • Christine Park

  • Matthew Smith

  • Jessica Tweed

  • Chelsea Pratt

  • Kay Tasma

  • Chelsea Moore

  • Sydney Plested

  • Abhi Topiwala

  • Jeanette Trewin

  • Kenny Leung

  • Alfred Hoi

  • Calvin Lai

  • Tanya Kerr

  • Nick Jones

  • Abby Marriot

  • Paul Phanoulas

  • Rob Lewis

  • Haydn Jack

  • Caitlin MacEwan

  • Katie O'Neill

  • Liam Ooi

  • Alistair McCready

  • Bryson Naik

  • Jacob Lapworth

  • Jae Park

  • Hannah Kelly

  • Rebekah Wilmer-Proven

  • Kenny Leung

  • Jeanette Trewin

  • Jason Khoo

  • Alistair McCready

  • Milly Scott

  • Sarah Allen

  • Brittnee Covich

  • Theo Faithfull

  • Alice Timings

  • Jason Richards

  • Valerie Poort

  • Angus Burrows

  • Aaron Troy

  • Hannah Kelly

  • Angus Burrows