The Student Council is here to bridge the gap between design students and industry.

Through twelve national representatives, free events and mentorship, we’re creating mutual conversations between young designers and professionals.

The core aim of the Student Council is to give students a voice within the industry. Our representatives have a direct line to the Designers Institute Board and key industry professionals. If you have something to say, we give it to you. Email us at .

  • DINZ uppercase D letter graphic
  • Kayla Williams (Visual Communication)
    Kayla Williams (Visual Communication)
  • Sophia Su (Visual Communication)
    Sophia Su (Visual Communication)
  • Macy Taylor (Visual Communication)
    Macy Taylor (Visual Communication)
  • Asher Sutherland (Visual Communication)
    Asher Sutherland (Visual Communication)
  • Alyssa Goh (Visual Communication)
    Alyssa Goh (Visual Communication)
  • Giulia Harper (ID)
    Giulia Harper (ID)
  • Avalon Martin (ID)
    Avalon Martin (ID)
  • Deanna Griffin (ID)
    Deanna Griffin (ID)
  • Joseph Stone (ID)
    Joseph Stone (ID)
  • Hodaya Yarden (Spatial)
    Hodaya Yarden (Spatial)
  • Anna Simpson (Spatial)
    Anna Simpson (Spatial)
  • Zanel Herrewyn (Spatial)
    Zanel Herrewyn (Spatial)
  • Katie Graham (Spatial)
    Katie Graham (Spatial)
  • Calum De Fanti (Interactive)
    Calum De Fanti (Interactive)
    Media Design School
  • Brittany Gray (Interactive)
    Brittany Gray (Interactive)
    Media Design School
  • Jessica Park (Visual Communication)
    Jessica Park (Visual Communication)
  • Finlay Knapp (Visual Communication)
    Finlay Knapp (Visual Communication)
  • Alex Johnson-Hughes (Visual Communication)
    Alex Johnson-Hughes (Visual Communication)
  • Nim Fernando (Visual Communication)
    Nim Fernando (Visual Communication)
  • Poppie Thorpe (Visual Communication)
    Poppie Thorpe (Visual Communication)
  • Mia Gilmore (Visual Communication)
    Mia Gilmore (Visual Communication)
  • Leonardo Cockburn (Visual Communication)
    Leonardo Cockburn (Visual Communication)

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Previous Members

  • Grace Costello (Graphics)

  • Bom Verkade (Graphics)

  • Jacob Davies (Graphics)

  • Vedant Kaduskar (Co-chair)

  • Keanu Beziac (Co-chair)

  • Samantha Bell (Architecture)

  • Lucy Lambert (Visual Communication)

  • Gia Espelita (Visual Communication)

  • Sabrina Young (Spatial)

  • Harriet Liddell (Spatial)

  • Tahlia Yoo (Spatial)

  • Olivia Peterson (Interactive)

  • Luann Pretorius (Graphics)

  • Hanbi Seo (Graphics)

  • Kirsty Nicole Legget (Interactive)

  • Joan Merced (Industrial)

  • Morgan Taljaard (Industrial)

  • Kyani Utia (Communication)

  • Jordan Tane (Graphics)

  • Sisi Panikoula (Graphics)

  • Taylor Fleet (Graphics)

  • Ben Krijgsman (Graphics)

  • Bede Bennett (Communication)

  • Bella McMahon (Spatial)

  • Calais Soper (Interactive/UX)

  • Dio Ambudi (Interactive/UX)

  • Geneva Zhan (Graphics)

  • Hannah Mareroa (Graphics)

  • Hilton Fellows (Motion Design)

  • Jennifer Susanto (Industrial)

  • Jordan Tane (Communication)

  • Kai Concepcion (Graphics)

  • Kyani Utia (Communication)

  • Logan Henry (Architecture)

  • Lucca Sharplin (Interactive/UX)

  • Lucy Lambert (Visual Communication)

  • Mimi Kearney (Visual Communication)

  • Morgan Taljaard (Industrial)

  • Nancy Gao (Communication)

  • Sabrina Young (Spatial)

  • Sachi Kapadia (Architecture)

  • Abbey Barlow (Communication)

  • Amy Miller (Graphics)

  • Bede Bennett (Communication)

  • Bella McMahon (Spatial)

  • Claudia Rist (Industrial)

  • Daniel Eaton (Spatial)

  • Farin Dickinson (Communication)

  • Hannah Faul (Graphics)

  • Heath Johnson (Product)

  • Jenna Billman (Communication)

  • Jordan Tane (Communication)

  • Josh Collins (Industrial)

  • Kevin Chow (Graphics)

  • Lexi Xin (Graphics)

  • Logan Henry (Architecture)

  • Madalena Refiti (Spatial)

  • Mimi Kearney (Visual Communication)

  • Ryan Baek (Graphics)

  • Sachi Kapadia (Architecture)

  • Tim Howe (Industrial)

  • Charmaine Shuter (Graphics)

  • Kai Concepcion (Graphics)

  • Angela Coote (Communication)

  • Chris Bentley (Spatial)

  • Ella Nicol (Design)

  • Ruby Greenhalgh (Graphics)

  • Sam Scrimgeour (Design)

  • Sophie Hills (Design)

  • Xuanyang Sun (Spatial)

  • Yana Dombrowsky (Spatial)

  • Adam Jenkinson (Industrial)

  • Amy Hur (Graphics)

  • Angeline Tulilo-Siilata (Graphics)

  • Chris Bentley (Spatial)

  • Evandah Steadman (Interactive)

  • Jake Clayton (Industrial)

  • Lauren Gibbs (Spatial)

  • Matthew Smith (Graphics)

  • Nathan Walker (Graphics)

  • Nick Lew (Graphics)

  • Richard Roach (Graphics)

  • Shona Macleod (Graphics)

  • Tamsyn Black (Graphics)

  • Will Cook (Industrial)

  • Xuanyang Sun (Spatial)

  • Abby Marriot (Graphics)

  • Abhi Topiwala (Graphics/Interactive)

  • Alfred Hoi (Graphics)

  • Calvin Lai (Graphics)

  • Chelsea Moore (Graphics)

  • Chelsea Pratt (Industrial)

  • Christine Park (Spatial)

  • Jeanette Trewin (Spatial)

  • Jessica Tweed (Graphics)

  • Jewel Yan (Spatial)

  • Kay Tasma (Graphics)

  • Kenny Leung (Spatial)

  • Matthew Smith (Graphics)

  • Nick Jones (Graphics)

  • Sydney Plested (Graphics)

  • Tanya Kerr (Industrial)

  • Alistair McCready (Graphics)

  • Bryson Naik (Graphics)

  • Caitlin MacEwan (Graphics)

  • Hannah Kelly (Graphics)

  • Haydn Jack (Industrial)

  • Jacob Lapworth (Graphics)

  • Jae Park (Graphics)

  • Jason Khoo (Industrial)

  • Jeanette Trewin (Interior Architecture)

  • Katie O'Neill (Graphics)

  • Kenny Leung (Interior Architecture)

  • Liam Ooi (Graphics)

  • Paul Phanoulas (Graphics)

  • Rebekah Wilmer-Proven (Graphics)

  • Rob Lewis (Graphics)

  • Aaron Troy (Graphics)

  • Alice Timings (Graphics)

  • Alistair McCready (Graphics)

  • Angus Burrows (Graphics)

  • Brittnee Covich (Graphics)

  • Hannah Kelly (Graphics)

  • Jason Richards (Graphics)

  • Milly Scott (Graphics)

  • Sarah Allen (Graphics)

  • Theo Faithfull (Graphics)

  • Valerie Poort (Graphics)

  • Angus Burrows (Graphics)

Folio Nights

Supported by design schools and studios, Folio Night is an initiative from the DINZ Student Council. Each event is a prestigious opportunity for nominated students to present their work for discussion and critique.

Previous Folio Nights
Upcoming Folio Nights TBC

Designers Speak®

The Best Design Awards are a major feature of the local design calendar and an opportunity for design students to gain early recognition from their industry. These sessions allow previous winners the chance to offer first-hand insights into their projects.