On Behalf of GSM: Student Design Contest

"Visions of the Future - a visual expression of the future through typography & colour".

This year's judges are:

NZ Judges:
Annie Dow - Managing Director @ Dow Goodfolk
Angelique Sparnaay-Martin - Director @ Consult Ongee
Alec Bathgate LifeDINZ - Director @ Bathegate Design

Open to all tertiary design students in Australia and New Zealand, this is an exceptional opportunity for design students to practice their design skills in real life - following a job brief through to print. 

This year's theme revolves around typography and colour.


1. Think about the future and how you feel the world may change for the better – this could be anything – for example: fashion, art, transport, technology, space exploration, the environment.

2. Create a 2–5 word saying about the future – examples: Fashion Forwards (fashion trends, Reality Bites (augmented technology, Hands Free (autonomous vehicles)

3. Create a visual expression of your saying that represents this, combining type, colour and other created graphics (the wording must appear in full). You can use chosen typefaces, hacked type, or create your own lettering.

4. The image must be typographic based – but can also use illustration or photography – providing this material is YOUR CREATION. No stock or AI-generated imagery is allowed. If you use photography/raster-based images, please ensure these have a (minimum) effective resolution of 300ppi at the required physical size (see below Mechanical Requirements).

5. Lastly, choose a BJ Ball/Ball & Doggett paper stock, from the swatch provided, that enhances your design.

Entries close: Sunday 29th September 2024 @ 11.59pm

Visit GSM to enter