Event Archive — 2020

Wellbeing Webinar 2: Resilience Strategies

The second session in Schneider Electric's wellbeing and resilience webinar series.

This series is designed to help you understand why you and those around you are reacting the way they are, why it is normal, and how maintaining positive mental health is critical during this time. 

Join Scott Nell as he helps you to understand the science of happiness, the links to our DNA and the importance of our intentional activities. 

This webinar will cover:
The Happiness Pie Concept (Dr Sonja Lyubomirsky)

Human Adaptation to circumstances

Resilience strategies in four key areas:
Brain / Physical / Social / Environmental

Wellness webinars hosted by Schneider Electric's positive psychology and wellbeing expert, Scott Nell.

Thursday 23rd April, at 1pm NZT

Registration Link: https://bit.ly/2Kerxey