Upcoming Events — 2024

An open discussion where our rich interdisciplinary DINZ community is invited to unpack a topic that forms a core pillar of our industry:

"The Value of Collaboration." Collaboration can be transformational, but we all know the process isn't always roses. Our goal is to delve into the nuances of working together across diverse roles, cultures, and disciplines.

Let's hear your stories on client partnerships and team dynamics in a setting that encourages candid exchanges and real-world perspectives.

Let's get real and unearth how our shared experiences around collaboration can drive innovation and positive change in our creative community.

Our Collaborators: 
Special Group, Silverstripe, Clemenger BBDO, Boyd Design, Vincent Lowe, Warren & Mahoney, Resn, Springload, Sharesies, Snapper Services & Mosaiq

Sharing stories and insights on:
Collaborating with Internal Teams
Collaborating with Project Partners
Collaborating with International Clients

Panel to start the conversations:
Matt Barnes, Special Group
Joe Garlick, Springload 
Elaina Hamilton, Sharesies 
Mark Dalton FDINZ , Clemenger BBDO
James Ford PDINZ, Silverstripe
Charlotte Hughes, Warren and Mahoney 
Grahame Boyd PDINZ, Boyd Design
Vincent Lowe, Vincent Lowe 
Roxy Huntington,  Snapper Services and Mosaiq 

Special Group
Level 4, 234 Wakefield St