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The Graphics Forum - Paper + Print + Wine

The Graphics Forum is a series of events that presents topics of interest for graphic designers including tools and tips that keep you informed and up to date on the latest design trends and best industry practice, presented in an informal environment.

One Design & Crafters Union

One Design is a finalist with Crafters Union in this years Best Design Awards.

David Macdonald from One Design discusses the recent branding and packaging design for Crafters Union - developed to challenge traditional wine category conventions.

The use of paper as a canvas was a key tool in expressing the brand personality and achieving critical shelf appeal.

Crafters Union will be served at Best Design Awards on the 6th October.

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BJ Ball Papers, Logick Print and SMP Solutions

Print technology is a continually changing platform. As print runs get shorter, and finished jobs are required faster, the print substrates also need to be constantly changing in order to keep up.

BJ Ball Papers are leading the way in satisfying customers’ requests for reliable and innovative stocks, especially in the digital market.

Rachel Foye, BJ Ball Papers, will present the new products landing soon, how to make more informed paper choices, and Dave Gick, Logick Print, will talk on how embellishments are making a stylish comeback.

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