Event Archive — 2023

Talk to Me with Brian Collins

It was incredibly generous of Brian Collins to offer to talk to our DINZ community on Saturday 23rd September following his dynamic presentation at the AGI Open Conference (18th & 19th September).

At the DINZ Talk To Me with Brian Colllins he did a 30 minute presentation showing process and unseen work.

Facilitated by Noel Blackwell, FDINZ, the floor was  opened to a Q&A for the remainder of the session.

Brian asked that as a Koha for the session that everyone bring a good copy of their favourite childhood book that dealt with transformation. For example: Cinderella, Pinocchio, the little mermaid even metaphorical transformations like Mary Poppins, chronicles of Narnia, Harry Potter etc.

DINZ will on-gift these to a NZ charity organisation for Christmas presents to help inspire the brilliant young minds of the next generation.

12.30pm Saturday @ Bastion Shine Level 3/239 Ponsonby Road (thanks Danny for hosting)