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Sustainability Soirée with Harrows 2023

Join us to discuss the benefits of local manufacturing & the launch of Harrows Global GreenTagCertTM GreenRateTM Certification.

With special guests Wisewool & All Heart NZ.

Thursday 22nd June - 4.00-5.30pm

3 Dundonald Street, Eden Terrace

Sustainability starts with local.

Sit down with Harrows' Creative Director Mark Suckling to explore what local manufacturing means in terms of sustainability.

Mark has been in the furniture manufacturing game from a young age. His father was a carpenter, who started a domestic timber furniture company called Galleon. Over time, the family acquired Harrows, and has built it into the company it is today. Mark and his two brothers grew up working in the business with timber manufacturing in their blood.

Today Mark is Harrows' Creative Director, focusing on product development that responds to the needs of the market around us. Mark reflects “back when we started making furniture, sustainability wasn’t front of mind for most businesses. But some of the basic guiding principals that apply to manufacturing, are more relevant than ever.”

“We have always designed and manufactured asking questions ‘is it needed’, ‘ will it last’ and ‘ what is the lifecycle’.”

Harrows believes that by producing high quality furniture, they can reduce the amount of furniture in circulation.

Being manufactures also allows for direct interaction with designers, facilitating product customisation, local design input and quality control.

“We’ve made a conscious effort to expand our in-house capabilities, which in turn has had a substantially positive impact on freight miles and emissions.”

Over the past 12 months Harrows have commissioned engineering and powdercoating plants onsite to combat supply chain issues and reduce domestic cartage. The investment in diversifying product capabilities locally has meant we can enhance New Zealand’s resilience and reduce the risk of supply chain bottlenecks.

Global GreenTag Cert™

A range of Harrows’ own NZ made designs carry GreenRate™ Level C certification and PlatinumHEALTH™ HealthRATE™ certifications under the Global GreenTag International Product Health Declaration™ (GreenTag PHD™) program.

Global GreenTagCert™ (operated by Global GreenTag International) is an established, globally trusted and independent product certification standard. It is one of the world’s most trusted and widely recognised ecolabels. Its certification marks are recognised in New Zealand, Australia, Malaysia, South Africa, Africa and SE Asia and over 70 other countries. Its robust certification system and marks assures that every product is fitness tested and assessed using the world’s best scientific methods. It is also a tool to cut through greenwashing and misleading product claims to empower professionals to confidently choose products that have been made in the most ethical and planet-friendly way possible.

See more about Harrows' Global Green Tag Cert here