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Pixel to Product — F&P Healthcare

Digital technology has accelerated innovation in every creative sphere.

In this series, designers will talk about how digital technology is changing how they innovate; how they push ideas from the abstract into the real; and how they are increasing their speed to market.

In each session, speakers will discuss the impact of digital on their approach and achievement across themes including innovating in the open, managing complexity, rapid prototyping and visualisation.

Session Two:
Fisher and Paykel Healthcare will explain how they design medical products and how that helps them define the brand.

And how they can be faster and better by engaging their customers. Learning faster not just to create faster.

Fisher and Paykel Healthcare will talk about two case studies, both Purple Pin winners at the Best Design Awards:
Optiflow™ Junior —Oxygen Therapy for infants
Simplus™—Obstructive Sleep Apnea mask

Pixel to Product Series:
Session One: Wednesday 29 June: DNA and Digital Arts Network
Session Two: Tuesday 23rd August: F&P Healthcare
Session Three: Wednesday 28 September: Colenso
Session Four: Wednesday 26 October: Atomic Design
Session Five: Wednesday 30 November: Jasmax

Greg Olsen - Senior R&D Manager, F&P Healthcare

Greg started with Fisher and Paykel Healthcare after completing a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering degree at Auckland University. Here he worked for three years on breathing apparatus for premature babies.

Greg then lived in London for 2 years where he worked for a product design consultancy. This involved designing products such as; Helmets for fighter jet pilots, minimally invasive surgical tools and consumer electronics.

Upon returning to New Zealand, Greg again worked for Fisher and Paykel Healthcare, and now runs the mask design department designing CPAP masks. One of these masks, the Simplus™, was recognised with the Purple Pin for product design at the 2013 Best Design Awards and the Purple Pin for Best Effect at the Best Design Awards in 2014.

Greg is a judge for product for this years Best Design Awards.

Laurence Gulliver - General Manager, F&P Healthcare

Laurence has worked on and managed numerous projects which leverage digital tools to turn ideas into physical product; from abstract to real. These products help people so understanding the customer at the centre of this design process and letting their needs drive design is key.

After studying Mechanical Engineering at the University of Auckland, Laurence worked overseas for Hitachi and Olympus before returning Fisher and Paykel Healthcare where he was a manager on the 2012 Purple Pin winning “Optiflow™ Junior” project.

He is now the General Manager of Non Invasive Ventilation at Fisher and Paykel Healthcare