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Pixel to Product — Colenso

Digital technology has accelerated innovation in every creative sphere.

In this series, DINZ and Seafarers Club have partnered to bring you designers who will talk about how digital technology is changing how they innovate; how they push ideas from the abstract into the real; and how they are increasing their speed to market.

In each session, speakers will discuss the impact of digital on their approach and achievement across themes including innovating in the open, managing complexity, rapid prototyping and visualisation.

Session Three: Colenso

As one of the world’s most recognised creative agencies, Colenso BBDO is no stranger to designing and making products – skin creams that fight breast cancer, biofuel made from beer waste, a utility to find lost pets - to name just a few. These aren’t adverts, they’re things that last and grow, becoming indispensable to millions of people – just like the brands they’ve been created for. Or, in some cases, standalone brands themselves.

But, more often than not, these products have been born out of sheer creative firepower, not iterative, user-centred design innovation - victories that have taught us more than enough about what not to do. Now with an established digital products and services practice, we’re keen to share where we started, where we’re headed and our experiences along the way.

Pixel to Product Series:
Session One:
Wednesday 29 June: DNA and Digital Arts Network
Session Two:
Tuesday 23rd August: F&P Healthcare
Session Three:
Wednesday 28 September: Colenso
Session Four:
Wednesday 26 October: Atomic Design
Session Five:
Wednesday 30 November: Jasmax

Gavin Becker

Gavin heads up digital, technology and innovation for ColensoBBDO

Tim Freeman

Tim leads digital and product delivery at Colenso BBDO

Aaron Turk

As Digital Creative Director at Colenso BBDO I’ve spent the last 8 years helping drive the agencies approach to digital and its influence on the work. Endearing consumers to brands by building engaging digital experiences is what gets me up in the morning. I’ve always loved Colenso’s approach to the work, nothings impossible and there’s a constant desire to evolve how we engage with consumers.