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Pixel to Product — Atomic

Digital technology has accelerated innovation in every creative sphere.

In this series, designers will talk about how digital technology is changing how they innovate; how they push ideas from the abstract into the real; and how they are increasing their speed to market.

In each session, speakers will discuss the impact of digital on their approach and achievement across themes including innovating in the open, managing complexity, rapid prototyping and visualisation.

Darryl Gray, Founder and CEO at Atomic

Software is eating the world. It has become an integral part of our personal and professional lives in a way that was unimaginable only ten years ago. Designing such richly interactive and complex software requires a highly sophisticated set of tools and processes.

This talk looks at why our traditional tools and processes are inadequate, and examines the powerful role that prototyping can play in the software design process. The talk concludes by looking at some of the big opportunities—and risks—ahead for design in software.

Pixel to Product Series:
Session One: Wednesday 29 June: DNA and Digital Arts Network
Session Two: Tuesday 23rd August: F&P Healthcare
Session Three: Wednesday 28 September: Colenso
Session Four: Wednesday 26 October: Atomic Design
Session Five: Wednesday 30 November: Jasmax

Darryl Gray Founder and CEO at Atomic

Darryl is the co-founder and CEO of the software prototyping platform Atomic.io. He specialises in designing applications for the web and mobile devices, and has previously held design leadership positions at Xero, BNZ, and DNA. His primary area of interest is scaling design in large software organisations.