Event Archive — 2019

Open Studio™ on K'Rd & West St — Material Creative

A unique opportunity to have a sneak peek inside some of New Zealand’s best studios and see what goes on behind closed doors.

Open Studio™ is a boutique event where studios on K'Rd & West St open their doors to the design community. Inviting them in to take a nosey and maybe an insight or two into their studio.

Material Creative, Design Dairy and CTRL_Space studios are tucked into K Road and West Street. They will open their doors, inviting the design community to come and relax, sip a drink and share some stories. 

An infamous & eclectic city fringe strip, K'Rd is now home to a variety of designers. Come along with us as we experience the sounds and sights of K'Rd & West St (access via Galatos St — West Terrace) while visiting our design studio partners to get a real insight into their inner-workings.

Material Creative / Design Dairy / CTRL_Space

Material Creative—
Material Creative are interior designers with a strong architectural sensibility, dedicated to enhancing everyday environments and contributing to a better quality of life. Since our launch in 2009, Material Creative has focused on creating unexpected design to bring people together and demand attention, which has earned us an award winning reputation both nationally and internationally.

Design Dairy—
Design Dairy is a multidisciplinary design studio that combines creative strategy and design to help brands define themselves and stand out. We specialise in brand identity, packaging and hospitality. We take a holistic approach to hospitality and work alongside CTRL_ to create experiences that speak to our clients and their customers. We particularly love working with people who share our passion for sustainability and social good.

CTRL_ is an award winning, cross-disciplinary design studio, focused on the interior architectural environment. We create special spaces. We exist for design and the journey it takes us on. For us, design transcends more than just aesthetic qualities; it’s about meaning and experience. We want people to connect and engage with what we create.

Open Studio™ is also about creating a place for networking, and getting to know each other through conversations within a smaller networking opportunity.

It is a social event, a chance to relax, sip a drink and share some stories.