Event Archive — 2017

Open Studio™ at St Kev's Arcade

A unique opportunity to have a sneak peek inside some of New Zealand’s best studios and see what goes on behind closed doors.

Open Studio™ is proudly supported by Warren  & Mahoney and BJ Ball 

Open Studio™ is a boutique event where a studio opens their doors to the design community. Inviting them in to take a nosey and maybe an insight or two into their studio.

Open Studio™ is also about creating a place for networking, and getting to know each other through conversations within a smaller networking opportunity.

It is a social event, a chance to relax, sip a drink and share some stories.

Introducing the studios who will be opening their doors:

Stolen Butter

First and foremost, Stolen Butter is a pretty sweet place to work. Perched on the top floor of St Kevin’s Arcade, we are proud to be in the midst of a larger community, surrounded by equal parts history and heart.

Individually we are: Luc, a branding and graphic design team; the guys at Fluke Creative - a production company; and Pixelpush, an animation & motion design outfit. Together, we become a multi-disciplinary collective with shared values and complementary skills. Many heads make lightning work.

Everyone loves a good yarn, but as we all know, a great brand requires more than an intriguing façade. Bringing credible stories to the fore in an engaging way is exciting for an audience and, conveniently, makes solid business sense too. This is what keeps our gears churning at Stolen Butter, the only trick of course is not laying it on too thick or spreading ourselves too thin.

Walker Mitchell

Walker Mitchell is an award winning multi-disciplinary design studio incorporating architecture, interiors and furniture. 

We are a design focussed studio and we strive to create the best aesthetic outcome to suit our clients' brief while achieving their functional requirements.

We place great importance on the need to preserve the aesthetic character and cultural significance of all buildings we work in while providing for the functional needs of a contemporary operation.

Xanthe White Design