Upcoming Events — 2019

Open Studio™ at Faraday St & St Georges Bay Rd 2019

Open Studio™ is a boutique event where a studio opens their doors to the design community. Inviting them in to take a nosey and maybe an insight or two into their studio. 

Open Studio™ is about creating a place for networking, and getting to know each other through conversations within a smaller networking opportunity.

This event is brought to you by Vidaspace.

Studios around Faraday St & St Georges Bay Rd will open their doors, inviting the Design Community to come and relax, sip a drink and share some stories. 

An upmarket & chic urban redevelopment, Faraday St and St Georges Bay Rd is now home to some of New Zealand’s most innovative studios and showrooms. The evening begins at IMO on the corner of Faraday and Watt St, the attendees will then meander down and visit a collection of studios along the way.