Event Archive — 2015

No Borders

New Zealand designers taking on the world.
Good design transcends barriers and many New Zealand designers have made the brave and uncertain move of shifting overseas. What drives these inquisitive and ambitious creative talents?

Working internationally can be life-changing; a chance to develop a career, undertake a personal journey and develop a wider, global perspective.

No Borders is the stories of those New Zealand designers who've stepped out into the world and are making it work.

Alain Brideson

A Complete Shift

Alain speaks of how exploring a niche design culture in Europe completely transformed his perception on what it means to be a designer and the influence it continues to have on his career.

Sam Brodie

Making London work for you

Sam went to London with a plan to crack the market and get ahead. From steady freelance work, securing a dream job to starting his business, Sam did the lot. Sam wants to share what he learnt for any one looking to further their career overseas.

Chris Flack

From Schumacher to underwater selfies—Ten things I learnt on the Piccadilly Line.

Chris talks us through his adventures overseas and shares a few lessons he learnt on the way.

Brett King

Searching for balance at polar opposites

Brett talks about the unlikely career as an illustrator and digital entrepreneur, establishing a digital product studio in Helsinki and continuing it in isolation.