Event Archive — 2019

Hamilton Design Series — Designers Speak®

The more we talk about design in New Zealand, the more robust the conversation becomes. Our Designers Speak events give our members the chance to hear top designers sharing insights into their work.

This event is brought to you by Panama and MWDesign.

Alexander Wastney PDINZ, Designwell & Daniel Smith, Edwards White Architects

Across disciplines for a better Hamilton

The built environment of Hamilton city is rapidly changing and the Mezz Pod has become a symbol for that change. Daniel and Alexander will be sharing how the award winning Mezz Pod was designed and built through collaboration.

Designwell / Edwards White Architects

Dawn Tuffery, Nimbus Media

Running all day and all night

By day, Dawn is a mild-mannered video producer with Nimbus Media. On the side, she likes to run far. Sometimes over mountains and sometimes round in circles - she recently represented New Zealand in the latter. What prompts this masochistic predilection? Dawn will explore that question a little, in relation to creativity, stoicism, and cartoons.

Nimbus Media

Mike Williams PDINZ, MWDesign

Kauri Dieback and Nude Tramping 

How do you convince people to clean their shoes before going bush? that there might be an invisible microscopic killer under foot and what does a kauri tree look like anyway?
do pigs, dear, possums and goats stop to wash their feet too?  Who is that guy wait.. what..?


Alan Deare DINZ, Area Design

From Certainty to Doubt

Hiding in plain sight: using paper for camouflage

Area Design