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Enter - Best Design Awards 2023

Roll up! Roll up! Come and be counted among the best.

This year’s ‘Bestival’ campaign by Strategy Creative is a visual feast.

It’s a little weird. It’s a lot of wizardry. It brings together the celebrations and tribulations of the design world with the fun and wonder of carnivals.

It’s the real deal, crafted by hand and brought to life through stop motion.

Here to make you laugh, make you gasp, and make your day a little bit more fun.

So go on. Enter if you dare.

Campaign studio 2023 – @strategycreative

 Enter Disciplines and Categories



Moving Image


Public Good



Value of Design

Explaining Your Work - The Backstory: The Why / The Purpose

Feedback from the judges consistantly references the importance of good writing / copy to help understand a project better.

The judges recommend there be more context into the clients backstory - The Why / The Purpose for the project.

What did the client see as the challenge, what data, research or insight did they have that brought about the project.

This is not to say we want a novel.

 Questions Around Keeping Your Work Anonymous

It is prefered that the name of the entrant/studio/company is not visible anywhere on the project images, explanation or supporting material.

However this isn't always practical, please use your discretion and common sense.