Event Archive — 2021

Designing The New Normal

A new speaker series designed to engage the New Zealand business and design community in exploring design's role in helping businesses adapt to The New Normal.

All around the world, COVID-19 has been called out as the biggest risk to a countries’ economic growth.

Yet the future of work is now here, consumer confidence is returning, and digitally enabled productivity has been accelerated out of necessity. 

There’s no more looking back.


The Design The New Normal outcomes:
- Give business leaders and the design community the inspiration they need to take on the New Normal with confidence
- Share knowledge and examples of how business and design leaders are innovating in response to the New Normal.
- Drive more bold initiatives to tackle new customer needs across industry sectors.
- Create a more sustainable and resilient New Zealand economy.

Why do it?
New Zealand organisations have never seen a time like this. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced new customer behaviours and accelerated macro trends like, equity, technology, wellbeing, sustainability and climate change. 

If we cast our minds back to the first lockdown in 2020, everyone had to pivot their strategies to react to what was right in front of them. What resulted was huge innovation and creative thinking which focused on surviving in the hope we would return back to normal. 

Well, we are almost 2 years on and the pandemic, along with other global trends, have changed the game. We have the opportunity, and dare we say it, duty, to design a future which is different also better to the one we were destined for, before the pandemic Let’s  give everyone the inspiration, motivation and confidence to take this on with gusto.

How will we do this?
By executing a series of Webcasts which aim to draw insights from 100 local and global business/design leaders about the following:
- What does the new normal look like for you at home and at work - how has COVID impacted the way  you live and work?
- How has that led to different or better creativity/innovation?
- What's the biggest challenge in meeting the needs of customers in a new normal?
- What things do we need to rethink so we accelerate the change we need to make to meet customer        needs?
- What's your idea on how we could do that? or what have you seen this well?
- What's the role design thinking can play in helping make this happen?

Speaker and Topics to be announced soon.