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Designers Speak® — Paul Barnes & Sarah Maxey

World renowned designer Paul Barnes (UK) & Sarah Maxey (NZ) will speak about their experiences Designing with Letters.

Paul Barnes has led an eclectic career in graphic design working in many different fields to great accalim; he was named by the Guardian as one of Britain's Top 50 designers. Paul will talk about how he set up the internationally famed type foundry Commercial Type with Christian Schwartz with whom he designed the famed Guardian typefaces.

Sarah Maxey is a graphic designer and handlettering artist with a distinguished career in book design. She has produced award-winning work for literary publishers in the UK, Australia and her native New Zealand.

Paul Barnes

Paul has designed many type faces for numerous international clients including international design magazine Wallpaper* (where he has been a consultant since 2003) Harper's Bazaar and frieze. Since the mid 1990s he has collaborated with Peter Saville in the fields of music, fashion and sports graphics, from artists such as Bjork, Givenchy, the model Kate Moss and the famous England Football kit in 2010.

His interest in the modern and vernacular is encompassed in his type design ranging from the contemporary such as for Bjork, through to the extensive British modern, Brunel as seen in Conde Nast Portfolio.

Following the redesign of the Guardian, as part of the team headed by Mark Porter, Barnes was awarded the Black Pencil from the D&AD. They were also nominated for the Design Museum 'Designer of the Year'. In September 2006, with Schwartz he was named one of the top 40 most influential designers under 40 in Wallpaper*.

Sarah Maxey

Sarah Maxey is a graphic designer providing bespoke handlettering for arts, publishing, commercial projects and private commisions.

Sarah has a distinguished career in book design. She has produced award winning work for literary publishers in the UK, Australia & NZ.

She has won a Best Design Awards 2011 Purple Pin and a Certificate of Excellence from the International Society of Typographic Design in the UK.