Event Archive — 2019

Designers Speak® - Across the Ditch2

Designers Speak—Across the Ditch is a collaborative event of the Design Institute of Australia (DIA); Australian Graphic Design Association (AGDA) and Designers Institute of New Zealand.

Adele Winteridge AGDA

Foolscap Studio  

Champagne Supanova

Our brief was to overhaul the site and create a new brand-immersion across bar, dining, tasting and retail spaces. The idea of alchemy was fundamental to our conceptual framework. The transformation of ordinary base metals into gold: what better metaphor for the magical production of sparkling wine.

Alexander Loterzstain


Why a floating box? 

How to challenge a preconceived idea as a designer with no experience in a niche industry.

Xavier Lifran

Schneider Electric Pacific Design Lab

Commodity is not a fatality

The story of Iconic project, looking at re-inventing the electrical industry that have long been focussed on a functional approach, delivering plain and uniform design.

We will explore the creative journey that the project team has been through to answer a mosaic of expectations, expressing different behaviours with relevant design.