Event Archive — 2016

Designers Speak® — Across the Ditch

Designers Speak—Across the Ditch is a collaborative event of the Australian Graphic Design Association (AGDA) and Designers Institute of New Zealand.

Jessica Huddart—Josephmark

Cash for Hash: a new studio model

Hash is a minimalist catch-up news platform that aggregates tweets about the day’s most topical stories. Earlier this year, Josephmark secured seed funding to refine the product, add new functionality and validate the business model – Josephmark CEO Jess Huddart will share the good, the bad and the ugly of transitioning a design consultancy into a design lab.

Gareth O'Brien—Buck

The Innovator

A peek under the bonnet of a project Buck Sydney recently created for Woolmark. We’ll dig into our design process and look at ups and downs of working with… well… Australians!

Paul Garbett

A bit on the side

Paul will be talking about some of his side projects and the role they play in striving towards a meaningful and fulfilling professional life.